The Kingdom of Ardesca

Kingdom of Ardesca



The Kingdom of Ardesca encompasses all current branches of the Empire. Created in 2011, it has been growing ever since. The Lords of the Empire come together to annually bring a new King or Queen to The Throne at the Ardesca Crown War, held during the late summer or early fall.






The Abbey of Wanton and Wailing War Widows of Ardesca

The Abbey



Seatac, WA


The purpose of the abbey is to provide succor to the proven widows and orphans of the many wars both in and outside of Ardesca.


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Seattle, WA


Al-Madeena is a rapidly growing metropolis within the Empire. Our hallmarks are mighty warriors and beautiful dancers from the Near East and beyond. Taking the lead in the long journey toward Empire our citizens set the pace and look forward to each new milestone.









Bellingham, WA









Orlando, FL


What is Aquilonia? All things barbarian…. specifically Conan The Barbarian within the Empire of Medieval Pursuits. They focus on rattan and steel fighting, hosting spectacular events and having an all around great time!



Barony of Arandor


Mount Vernon, WA

The Freehold of Arandor is founded among the Empire of Medieval Pursuits as a western European feudal state occupying northern Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom county. The Freehold is home to a diverse group of people interested in the culture, art, music, and martial traditions of Western Europe through the Middle Ages. It is also steeped in the myths and legends of Europe from the troubadour traditions of King Arthur and his Court to the myths of the Fae and spirits of Ireland.




Arch Duchy of Astaroth




Bothell, WA


The Arch Duchy of Astaroth Keep is home to some of the most fantastic fire performers in the Empire. Their goals and focus include furthering our performance and fighting abilities and exploring the paths traveled by mercenaries, merchants and performers throughout the Far East, Europe and Scandinavia.



Isle of the Black Moon

black moon

West Seattle, WA


We the inhabitants of the Isle of the Black Moon, have banned together to create a community where likeminded recreationists have a place where they can discuss the ancient Celtic ways and those of the tribes that have branched off from the Celtic line. Any person who enjoys the study of ancient cultures is welcome within our shores.




Cadair Idris

Cadair Idris

New York, NY


Cadair Idris was founded by Welsh mercenaries-veterans of the 100 years war, who became disillusioned with the established order and returned to their traditional beliefs. Our artisans pursue the arts and crafts of their forbearers, while the warriors hone their skill with blade and bow, ever ready to defend their homeland, or enlarge it when the time is right. We welcome any refugees of this war- and plague-ridden world who find their way across the marshes to our mountain.



Hrafn Halda

hrafn halda

Bellingham, WA


The focus of our Stronghold is to provide a fortified location for our forces to gather from afar, providing for the defense of our lands. Collectively we are warriors, artisans, craftsmen, historians & entertainers who strive to learn and perfect all the skills to be had.



Karma Legio

Karma Legio


Renton, WA


Karma Legio is a Roman themed Branch of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits; The First Allied Branch to the Arch Duchy of Astaroth.

We are a Branch of Warriors, Centurions, Artisans, Amazons, and Citizens alike, based on the outskirts of the Empire in Britannia.



Kelet Mori Obek



British Columbia


Kelet Mori Obek is a group of nomads traveling the paths of Asia and Eastern Europe. Our main camp is located in British Columbia



Barony of Leanns



Federal Way, WA


House Motto: Need something stolen, Someone Cursed or Seduced, A Village Plundered? We are the house you need! The members of Leanns delight in hosting fun events and causing a bit of a ruckus now and then.






Savage Lands

Savage Lands


Northern, CA


We are mainly interested in the Early Persona’s pre- Roman, European studies. The time when Legends where created and Gods walked among mortal men.



Travellers Rest

Travellers Rest

Denver, CA


Travellers Rest is Denver Colorado local E.M.P. group. Were medieval life and modern life come together. Travellers Rest is a place to enjoy the art of combat, creativity and good company.

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Company of Ursus



Southern, CA


Welcome to the Ursus Fight Club. We plan to fight and train anywhere and everywhere with a special emphasis on Steel Combat. We are a collection of sword fighters and martial artists and enthusiasts.



Fortress Viadrina



Lower Mainland, BC


Based out of the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada. Our Branch is dedicated to community in medieval arts, recreation and combat. The outpost in perpetually active in what is modern day western Poland (then Lower Silesia) in the height of the Middle Ages.



Click Here to see Viadrina’s Charter



Wolfswood Shire

Wolfswood Shire


Kamloops, BC


On the far borders of the Empire lie the denizens of Wolfswood Shire. They strive for historical accuracy and exploration of 16th Century English, Celtic and Nordic knowledge. They happily welcome travelers of all sorts and celebrate diversity!