Charter – Travellers Rest

Charter of Travellers Rest

Location: the The Travellers Rest shall reside within a 50 mile radius of 366 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203. Heraldry: Fieldless Two Wheels Or a Length of Cloth Vert Two golden wheels on a blank background, with a green cloth between them.

Purpose: The purpose of the Travellers Rest is to provide a home; a place for the strong, the weak, and the homeless. To give hope,when all hope is gone. To give to the Kingdom a place to teach the Art of Combat, as well as the Gentle Arts such as Wood Working, Leather Crafting , Cooking, Sewing, and many others, of the times of our kingdom. We are a collective of people from all around the world. Travellers in between destinations. A few Danes, Normans, Irish, Germans, Saxons and many others. The timelines that reside in Travellers Rest Seems to Date back to 100 CA according to the standing Grey stones nearby to are current year 1800 (huh? Can you clean up this statement?) Populace (Paid EMP members), that Reside in the lands of Travellers Rest, shall be free to farm, nurture the lands, and grow households; with the understanding that the lands they farm and protect are for the Crown and the Shire. The same will be for those Travellers that don’t live with in Travellers Rest homelands but call it home.

When the Crown calls the populace will answer.

Taoiseach (Lord click here for pronunciation) Travellers Rest shall be governed by the Taoiseach according to the laws of the charter. The Lord shall command the Shire, and rule over its Populace according to the laws of the kingdom, and laws put forth by the people for two years.

If the current Taoiseach can not fulfill their current warrant of 2 years a new one will be chosen. (See Replacement of Taoiseach) of the Replacement of the Taoiseach: Any member of Travellers Rest may challenge for leadership by proving that they indeed have the favor of the populace of Travellers Rest, through a trial by ordeal. Both the challenged and challenger shall endure the simultaneous challenge, the winner either becoming or remaining the Taoiseach. This trial shall be witnessed by at least 3 representatives of the Populace of The Travellers Rest. The form of the trial shall be mutually agreed upon by both the challenger and challenged, should no agreement be reached, then it shall fall to majority vote of the Populace to determine which trial shall be enacted.

The Taoiseach leader role shall last 2 years unless challenged. The Taoiseach may create such rules and offices as are necessary for the function of Travellers Rest. The Taoiseach shall have executive and judicial authority in regards to Travellers Rest activities within the limits of the bylaws and charter, is responsible for maintaining group status within the EMP, and for ensuring that required events and scheduled activities occur. All minor offices like; Marshal, head of Combat activities. Senechal, governor of EMP laws and mundane laws. All Offices are voluntary. And approved by the Taoiseach.