What is the Empire of Medieval Pursuits?


Nila- Ragnaroc 2014

Explore History

The Empire of Medieval Pursuits is a group of medieval and early history enthusiasts. We enjoy learning about ancient cultures, training in martial skills , and recreating accoutrements of the past, from clothing and food to armor and tents.


Attend Events and Activities

We host medieval events that focus on a specific time and place in the middle ages or early history. Some of the fun topics we have explored include Ragnaroc and the Norse myths surrounding the end times, middle eastern dance parties, called “haflas,” High Chivalry pageants of arms, and Viking Althing events. We are always looking for new and entertaining topics to research, and we welcome your ideas.


Have Fun!

So if you’ve always wanted to wear a flowing medieval cloak or don a dress with sleeves that touch the floor, if you’ve always wanted to wield a sword or an axe in a pitched battle against your foes, if you’ve always wanted to lounge in a Hunnish yurt and play a doumbek while middle eastern dancers swirl around you, you’ve come to the right place.


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